About OFA

OFA Minnesota started in Minneapolis as Team of the Lakes, a neighborhood team formed in 2011 as part of Obama for America, President Obama’s re-election campaign. After the election was won, many of us wanted to stay involved and engaged to help promote the agenda that the American people voted for. So Obama for America regrouped, reorganized as a 501c4 issue advocacy group and became Organizing For Action.

Team of the Lakes took off its electoral organizing hat, put on the issue advocacy hat and became OFA Minneapolis. Our chapter has been active since 2013. Now we have chapters throughout the state focusing on a variety of issues such as immigration reform, gun violence prevention, the environment, and voter suppression issues, to name a few.

We pride ourselves on our Camp OFA Training workshops, to teach our organizing style, which is defined by two traits:

1–The snowflake model of organizing. It takes the responsibility of a given movement out of the hands of a few select staff, and puts it into the hands of community members who take ownership of the program‘s goals.

2–The second trait is our philosophy of respecting, empowering and Including anyone who wants to be involved!

Please join us! 
Eva Ichkhanian, OFA Minnesota State Lead


OFA MN State Lead – Eva Ichkhanian
OFA MN Field organizer– Contare Duvant
Technical Director – William Hede
Communications – Shannon Bros
Duluth and Surrounding Area Chapter Lead – Adrienne Dineen
OFA St. Paul Chapter Leaders – Ann and Elizabeth Walters
OFA Minneapolis Lead – Eva Ichkhanian
Training Leaders – Anne McGarry and Cantare Duvant
OFA MN Environmental Leaders – Aditya Ranade and Shannon Bros

Note: All leadership are 100% volunteers